01 July 2008

The Cell: Evolution of the First Organism

the.cell Review by E. Hanneman

The Cell: Evolution of the First Organism by Joseph Panno, Ph.D., offers an excellent, concise and interesting introduction on the cell and its evolution. Panno opens with a brief overview of theories related to life's origin, then moves to prokaryotes and how they laid a foundation for eukaryotes. Next, he offers an examination of the cell cycle, followed by genes, multicellular organisms, and neurons. Panno does a stellar job of communicating a complex subject clearly (better than many texts as I see it) and sans oversimplification. The black-and-white graphics and glossary are exemplary and useful to the student.

This is my first experience with Panno and the publisher Facts On File, Inc. I am most intrigued. Highly recommended.

The book professes to be targeted at high school or first-year biology students. As I see it, those students would be serious. While it may not be enough for someone with a good deal of biology education, it is excellent orientation for newcomers.

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