20 July 2008

The Genetic Code and the Origin of Life


Product Description

The Genetic Code and the Origin of Life celebrates the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the double helix. This book combines two complementary approaches to address the question of the development of the Genetic Code. The first chapters provide general perspectives into the most important features of the evolution of life and the code. The rest of the chapters provide detailed analyses on the features and evolution of independent components of the code. Thus the book combines a general overview with detailed descriptions. This volume provides a general reference for the academic audience interested in evolution and, simultaneously, consolidates our most detailed knowledge on the biological characteristics of the components of the genetic code.

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Sahaj kadhi said...

where can I get Paul Davies' 'The Origin of life' ebook?

kitapçı said...

I don't think you can find it as ebook. You need to buy it as I did some time ago.

Servis said...

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Anonymous said...

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